The Allure of Owning a Holiday Home in Italy: A 2023 Review

Italian property by Lake Como.

Italy, a country steeped in artistic richness, historic architecture, stunning landscapes, and culinary delights, has always been a magnet for tourists. As we welcome the autumn of 2023, it’s the perfect time to reflect on Italy’s thriving tourist trade and explore why owning a holiday home in this captivating country is an increasingly attractive proposition.

A Love Affair with Italian Property

Italian Lake Properties
Photo by Tony Cordaro

For anyone who has ever visited Italy, it’s impossible not to be captivated by its charm. The passion Italians have for their cultural heritage, from vibrant festivals to time-honored recipes passed down through generations, is infectious. As you sip a cappuccino at a quaint café, watching life unfold around you, your heart inevitably starts plotting your return. Italy offers an array of remarkable experiences, from exploring ancient Roman ruins to wandering through medieval villages, lounging on sun-kissed beaches to skiing in snow-capped mountains.

Buy an Italian Property and Holiday in Your Own Italian Home

If Italy tugs at your heartstrings as much as it does for countless others, it makes perfect sense to consider owning a holiday home here. With something to offer tourists year-round, Italy’s appeal extends beyond just the summer beach holidays that characterize some other destinations. Whether you crave skiing and hiking in the mountains, immersing yourself in local festivals or UNESCO World Heritage sites, or simply savoring the serenity of your own Italian villa’s terrace, owning property in Italy opens up a world of exciting holiday possibilities. Plus, Italy’s excellent transportation network makes it effortless to explore every corner of this diverse and enchanting country.

Where Are Tourists to Italy Flocking in 2023?

To fully grasp the allure of owning a holiday home in Italy, let’s delve into the tourist hotspots of 2023. According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, the most sought-after summer destinations continue to be Italy’s lakes, seaside locales, and mountain resorts. And if you own a holiday home in any of these places, you can seize opportunities to rent it out to fellow Italy enthusiasts.

Property close to Italy’s Lakes

In August, Italy’s lakes, or “Lacuale” in Italian, shine as the most popular destinations. Lake Garda and Lake Como immediately come to mind, celebrated for their pristine mountain air, azure waters, and charming villages. But Italy boasts numerous other beautiful lakes that deserve attention, including Lake Maggiore, Lake Iseo, Lake Orta, Lake Trasimeno, Lake Bolsena, and Lake Idro, to name just a few. Furthermore, this year has seen four new Blue Flags awarded to municipalities with lakes, totaling an impressive 21 Blue Flags at Italian Lakes. Notable recipients include Sirmione in Lombardy and Verbania in Piemonte.

Property on the Italian Coastline

Summer tourists also flock to Italy’s stunning seaside, or “balneare.” In 2023, a total of 226 Italian locations, boasting 458 beaches, earned Blue Flags, indicating high-quality beaches and water. This is an increase of 16 locations compared to the previous year, showcasing Italy’s commitment to improving its tourism offerings. Notably, four of these new Blue Flag locations are in Puglia, a region that has been diligently enhancing its appeal to tourists. This brings Puglia’s total number of Blue Flags to an impressive 22, second only to Liguria with 34. Other sought-after seaside destinations include the picturesque coast of Maremma in Tuscany, the enchanting Sorrento and Amalfi coasts, and the idyllic islands of Sardinia, Sicily, and Ischia.

Property in the Italian Mountain Regions

For those seeking respite from the scorching August heat, Italy’s mountains, or “montano,” offer a cool escape. Trentino-Alto Adige stands out as a popular destination for summer hiking, boasting an excellent reputation for top-notch services and accommodations. Additionally, Italy features a multitude of remarkable ski resorts across the Alps, providing winter enthusiasts with a snow-filled paradise.

Italy’s enduring appeal as a tourist destination, coupled with the growing rental market, underscores the attractiveness of owning a holiday home in this exquisite country. With its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and year-round tourism opportunities, Italy invites you to make it not just your favorite vacation spot but your cherished second home. So, as you sip that cappuccino and watch life unfold in Italy, let your heart dream of the countless holidays and memories waiting for you in your very own Italian haven.

Feature Photo by Davide.

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